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Steve Peeper
Tuscawilla Nursing and Rehab is a phenomenal faculty. It is very clean and has a home like atmosphere. I have had fantastic care during my stay here. Everyone is friendly and professional including the administration staff, nurses, aides, rehab, dietitian and food service. Lacy Phillips, the Business Manager has worked very hard to assist me with insurance and future assisted living placement. She is always kind, courteous and explains the process in detail. She is very passionate about working with the elderly. I greatly appreciate all that she has been doing for me. This facility has also worked diligently to safeguard us from the Covid19 virus. They truly care about their residents and treat us with respect. I am grateful for the quality of care that I have received during my stay here.
Steve Peeper
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Marie Hall
Tuskawilla like all Skill Nursing and Rehab centers are facing the challenge of keeping their residents and employees safe and free of COVID 19 and they are doing a wonderful job! I know that Nursing homes are bashed by theose believe that one rotten banana spoil the bunch but Tuskawilla is not in the bunch. My mother and I would venture to say that Tuskawilla should be the apple of everyone's eye. I am a minnesotan who got the best care ever. Hello all you wonderful therapy staff, dietary kudos, Activities you rock. I don't want to forget anyone. All the staff are wonderful!!!!
Marie Hall
This facility is very clean and the therapy room is well equip for the training. Brittany is one of my occupational therapist. She's very friendly, helpful and a great teacher. Nursing staff is very good and attends to our needs. They have a beautiful courtyard that is nice to walk around and look at.
Gracie Gillis
Tuskawilla is a great place to work. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Staff is friendly, nursing is on point, facility is super clean and beautiful. Residents are happy in this home-like environment. Therapy is top notch with a team of very experienced clinicians!
Lisa Jordan
My mom had a great experience at Tuskawilla. Entire staff from the nurses, aids, rehab, food service and administration were very attentive, caring and supportive of my mom's needs. Highly recommend Tuskawilla!!
People here is awersome great place to take your loved one caring loving staff I highly recommend this fascility
Rose Padarat
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Has a friendly and family oriented environment. Staff is always pleasant and approachable. Management team continuously examines administrative effectiveness and seeks opportunities for improvement, searching for new ideas and approaches, and showing a sincere interest in employees and the solution to their problems.
Edelai Torres
I have had the pleasure of experiencing meeting new people who are eager to share their life stories and their experiences of the past.many residents have been around much longer than myself and shared great memories of a time when i wasn't even an idea....To be a part of these wonderful people's lives has been a great experience and i look forward to many more. This facility is a jewel of a building that has been seeking out the best of the best in health care employees. Im happy to be part of this organization and look forward to many years of service for our residents.
Micah Jones
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Thrive Committee
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Micah Jones
I have always been sceptical to put my mother in a nursinghome, however, the staff at Tuskawilla Rehab has eased my mind. Her guardian angel Micah is so compassionate and funny! He really makes me feel like she is in good hands here. The facility is beautiful, clean, and makes her feel at home!
Donna Jones
Has a friendly and family oriented environment. Staff is always pleasant and approachable. Management team continuously examines administrative effectiveness and seeks opportunities for improvement, searching for new ideas and approaches, and showing a sincere interest in employees and the solution to their problems.
Edelai Torres
My grandparents were in the facility for rehab. There is nothing to say but great things. The unfortunate thing is that my grandmother did not stay there long term but only rehab.
Bruce Slivinski
Tuskawilla has provided a great experience while doing my Administrator in Training program. The residents are extremely happy and provided with quality care. The Tuskawilla team is dedicated. Sincerely the best in the area!
Bryce King
Tuskawilla Nursing & Rehab Center is a great facility. They provide excellent care in a clean environment. I have personally received rehab in this facility on an outpatient basis with great results.
Angela Michi
Great location, clean facility, staff is friendly and accommodating. The food is great!!! Therapy department is uber professional. Highly recommended!
Jessi Bonk
Great Staff, clean facility, Highly recommended!
Angel Nieves
Just had left hip replaced, and a pacemaker installed, don't ask for pain relief. There really isn't anything good to say. I think they only are allowed $3 a day to feed you. If Oviedo Med. Didn't force me into rehab, I'd probably been better off in my own bed. Day 7... been waiting over 2 hrs for morning meds. Can you believe they give a building of old people hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Day 8, it's surprising with a little complaining things can start changing. Food turns out OK.. Still a little slow with meds.. or getting doctors to understand what they are giving me only lasts if I'm lucky 2or 3 hrs. But the nurse staff do have their hands tied. Day9, terrible doctors here won't adjust pain meds.. new roommate who needs oxygen, you'd think it was a old tire pump at a gas station . Everything is old hand me drowns. 9:15 nurse was standing in front of room a while than walked off not giving me anything. I want to say nice things but people just won't let me.Day 12, I have to update my star rating. In all fairness this is a very good place, there are exceptions to everything, and I've let a couple of things cloud my judgement the theorphy staff are very tough but have to be. The nurses are ok I just need to be a little fairer about a few things.The CNAs are the true work horse's around here. Litchen staff, done nice job also. They did great for my likesAnd portion. Thanks
Stan Moore
This facility is very beautiful and clean, and the staff are very caring. I would suggest this place over any skilled nursing facility!
Anika Saxena
This facility is the best I have seen. The building is very clean and the staff are extremely kind. I would 100% recommend this place for your loved one.
Winston Taka
Nice place. Lovely building
Paula Newman
I have been working in the healthcare profession for nearly 16 years and have toured several skilled nursing centers. After a recent visit to Tuskawilla Nursing and Rehab Center, I can tell you that this facility is clean and has a very professional and supportive staff. As a healthcare worker, I strongly recommend this facility for short term rehab, long term care, and for employment opportunities. I rate this facility FIVE STAR!!!!
Monica Greenlaw
I experienced caring staff who know what they are doing. The building was clean and the therapy staff were great! If I was to stay in another rehab facility I would choose this one. Thanks for everything!
Gary Anderson
Beautiful, clean and professional health care staff. If you are searching for a Skilled Nursing Facility for clinical care or short-term Rehabilitation you must take a few moments to tour this center and meet this wonderful team. I highly recommend this center for your family member.
Tom O'Neill
Lovely facility. Lovely staff. Amazing 5 star facility!
Bryce King
Choosing this place for my rehab stay was an excellent decision. I met some wonderful people and enjoyed the family-like atmosphere. The therapy was the best I've seen and they really knew how to help me accomplish my goals. If considering a rehab facility this one is truly 5-stars!
Barbara Stout
Beautiful. Perfect environment. Great customer service.
Wilfred Rios
The rehab staff are very knowledgeable and helped tremendously. I could not have asked for a better place to visit.
Anika Saxena
This is a Nice clean place.The team is excellent , work with you , helping you when you need it and allowing to do what you can for yourself. I really enjoyed my sessions in therapy and activities.I will recommend this place to help you heal and get better.
Lillian Norman
The staff was always very helpful with any questions or concerns I may have had. I went there for therapy because I recently had a knee replacement. All who worked in the therapy department were excellent. The plan they put together to rehab my knee worked very well.I would reccomend this facility to anyone.
Dennis Kisz
When the hospital asked where I wanted to go for rehab, I knew I wanted to stay at this nice facility. I had visited it prior when my friend was in the place. The staff are friendly, it doesn't smell like other places do, and I knew some of the therapy staff from my church. I would recommend this place to anyone. Really happy with the care and services provided. 5-star staff and beautiful grounds and overall facility. Top notch rehab staff.
George S
Mom was in the facility for therapy. Very pleased with the staff's attention to detail and for all the hard working staff members who make this facility work. Thanks for taking care of mom! ~CSC
Carol Crosby
I have been very pleased with care, nurses, food and the rehab team. I even loved the beauty shop here! The courtyard is gorgeous and made my stay great! If I ever needed rehab again this is 100% my first choice.
Sylvia Dugan
5 stars wasn't enough! I'd give this building a 35/5!! Everyday in this building has been super! Couldn't have been any better! Rehab, nursing and dietary has been wonderful. Everyone is so nice. Brittany, Charisse, Roseline, Gretchen, Tanae, Marie and Dennis are super just to name a few! I would Recommend this this Nursing and Rehab to anyone!
John Godfrey
Great Rehab Facility! I really loved how careful, and how hard they worked me. Pascale took such good care of me in therapy. The team of therapist are so dedicated. They include Gilda, Rosealyn, Charles, Brittany, and Jill. The entire staff is so compassionate. Another great aspect at Tuskawilla was the area of Activities. When I wanted to just read my books after PT Ms. Lizette Johnson and her team encouraged me to take part in a few things. I loved Tuesdays!. We were able to get a beautiful manicure along with meeting other residents. I played Bingo on Friday's, and all of these activities made my stay less regimented. Sheila S. Bayley
Sheila Stokes
I have been very happy with my father's care so far. He's been there for 2 weeks and I have encountered a very tentative and caring staff.
Toni Higgens
Great place to work and live
ms. smart
Great staff, clean, organize, and great quality care.
Leon Nat
Wonderful Place to live and work.